Mark Lundin


Mark Lundin is a designer, technologist & visual artist who works within the field of interactive & generative design. He creates interactive stories, experiences and installations that explore the emerging role of technology as a means of creative expression.

He's developed award winning work for clients such as Google and M&C Saatchi and has worked on projects exhibited at the V&A and the Science Museum, London.

His studio, a multi-disciplinary design practice & digital production company, was formed with the aim to explore the intersection of art, design and technology. With projects ranging from interactive touch screens, projection mapping, computer vision and 3d printing, it functions as a commericial and professional entity for private projects and commissions.

If you have a project you want to talk about, get in touch.

The Carp & The Seagull

The Carp & The Seagull is an interactive short film that follows the story of Masato - a peaceful fisherman who falls from grace - and his encounter with the spirit world as he confronts Yuki-Onna. Against a dark and minimal geometric backdrop, the user driven narrative tells a single story of through the prism of two connected spaces; that of the natural world and that of the nether world.

Test render

The film is an experiment in authored space and interactive narrative. Navigating through the world - contained within the diorama of a cube - changes the perspective of the story; revealing characters and their spirit counter-parts. Discovered interactions affect character behaviour, distorting form and space.

The film blends traditional modelling and rigging techniques with generative and procedural animation. The animation is used as a visual symbol to explore and the toplogy of the characters, distorting and manipulating their geometry to reflect their emotional flux; such as a sudden physical contortion moving over Masato’s body. Elemental forces, such as falling of snow and motion of the sea, we’re also procedurally animated.

The film was developed for Chrome using WebGL, three.js and javascript.

Original score and sound design by Plaid.

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