Mark Lundin


Mark Lundin is a designer, technologist & visual artist who works within the field of interactive & generative design. He creates interactive stories, experiences and installations that explore the emerging role of technology as a means of creative expression.

He's developed award winning work for clients such as Google and M&C Saatchi and has worked on projects exhibited at the V&A and the Science Museum, London.

His studio, a multi-disciplinary design practice & digital production company, was formed with the aim to explore the intersection of art, design and technology. With projects ranging from interactive touch screens, projection mapping, computer vision and 3d printing, it functions as a commericial and professional entity for private projects and commissions.

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Make Our Mark

The films you take. The rhymes you make. A word. A scene. What makes you, you? Take part in a journey where there are no wrong answers, just infinite perspectives.

‘Make Our Mark’ is a generative artwork developed together with Cedric Kiefer. It is an abstract representation of Twitter activity visualised as a digital artefact of its effect.

The project was commisioned by Levis as an visualisation of the social media activiy on Twitter. The artwork can be loosely defined as a data visualisation, however it is more of a more abstract representation, where the underlieing information is implicit to the resulting artwork

Who we are – is defined by our actions and responses. Like matter consists of relating atoms, the elementary units of the sculpture are the thoughts, feelings and impressions of individuals. As posts and tweets are converted into building blocks, their content will shape the collective artwork one unit at a time. The sole and personal contributions as small as they seem, are vital to the outcome of the collective structure. Thus a conglomerate of human emotion and reaction is digitally built during the event, giving form to who we are.

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