Mark Lundin


Mark Lundin is a designer, technologist & visual artist who works within the field of interactive & generative design. He creates interactive stories, experiences and installations that explore the emerging role of technology as a means of creative expression.

He's developed award winning work for clients such as Google and M&C Saatchi and has worked on projects exhibited at the V&A and the Science Museum, London.

His studio, a multi-disciplinary design practice & digital production company, was formed with the aim to explore the intersection of art, design and technology. With projects ranging from interactive touch screens, projection mapping, computer vision and 3d printing, it functions as a commericial and professional entity for private projects and commissions.

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Scuba is a large scale physical installation that connects an online audience to an underwater submersible vehicle and allows them to control it remotely.

Combining a 10,000 litre dive tank based in the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth; a couple of rugged, hard-wearing laptops and an underwater submersible vehichle or ROV normally used in commercial diving operations; we developed a unique interactive experience allowing visitors to remotely operate the vehicle through a dedicated website.

Visitors had full control over the submarine, allowing them to maneuvre it using their mouse and keyboard. Thrust, depth and orientation were all controlled remotely allowing visitors to explore the tank. Several cameras mounted both in and around the tank as well as on the submarine itself, provided visual feedback whilst specific vehicle metrics were relayed back to the website itself.

National Marine Aquarium

The project involved developing an entire remote control system that connects physically controllable devices to a online network. This included components for hardware communication, user queueing, low latency live video streaming, administration and user controls.

The project was one of the first examples of a connected installation that allowed an online audience to engage and interact with a physical space.


The campaign gathered wide recognition not only within the ad industry but in the broader tech community. It was independently featured technology blogs and received a BIMA Technology & Innovation Award and for technical innovation.


M&C Saatchi and Simon Cave



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The ROV was fitted with a camera

10,000 litre dive tank